Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pics from the Spring Thaw Swap

I made it to the swap about 2pm, small crowd this year, at least it seemed that way to me. More parts than I have seen in recent years, and most of the same bikes you see every year. Lots of Easter eggs, a few "rats" some nice customs and some awesome vintage stock bikes. Only took a few pics, mostly because I am picky. I like bikes that look like they can be ridden. Of the few of those I saw, I will share. I know a lot of work goes into these bikes, and I personally have never built a choppy, but I dont have to be a chef to tell you that the food tastes like shit. Both barrels productions put on a great show, and I cant wait for next years event. There was a Norton club there too, but like a dumbass I forgot to take photos of their bikes. Photos may suck, I'm not a photographer.

Anyhoo on to the bikes.

 This 400 reminded me of the one my dad had.
 I just liked this one, dunno why from the crappy photo

 I thought this Indian was cool until I overheard the builder pointing out all the bit he added on from cars and other non motorcycle bits. The bike is still cool, but fuck man, if shit needs to be pointed out to someone, you're doing it wrong.

this one was next to the Indian and I would like to know what the engine is if anyone knows.

No photos of the main floor of the event with all the vendors...maybe next time.

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  1. like you, i thought it was an indian head too. this old cat i talk bikes with said they did make singles. but looking at some old pics of famous james bikes, they had a similar head as well, so now idk. i wish one of us had asked...

    and yeah , youre right it was a weak-assed turnout this year.