Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last Sunday's Flat Track Race in Lebanon

The Vintage flat track race and swap meet was a good waste of an afternoon! It was my first time watching any sort of motorcycle race, and while they didn't seem to be going all that fast, most of the racers being in their 60's made it seem okay.

The swap meet was  tiny and the bike show was filled with a lot of the usual bikes. I am including the pic of the sporty because it passed me on I-40 so I know it was ridden in.

The coolest thing there was the home-built an older gentleman made from a Crowley engine. he never took it off the trailer but he started it for me and answered all my questions. It was fun to stand around the trailer and listen to all the "bikers" come up and complement the guy on his Indian. Or say how they used to have a neighbor who had one like it growing up. Dude made the frame and the saddle bags hold the battery and the radiator.

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